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As this micro-business grows, I'm eager to collab more - whether that's supplying your shop or creating a bespoke babka wreath for your celebration, so do drop me a line here to discuss.

Hi! I'm Pasha and I started Small Batch Babka in early 2021.

I'm an avid self-taught baker with a particular love of enriched doughs, like sweet buns and babka. Having eaten lots of babka when visiting the American side of my family growing up, I finally made my first loaf (using Ottolenghi's recipe in his book Jerusalem) about 6 years ago and haven't looked back since!

I believe things taste better when they're handmade with high quality ingredients. All my bakes are made with organic Shipton Mill flour, organic milk/eggs, unrefined sugars and other good ingredients. I try to make all the fillings for my babka from scratch too. 


Small Batch Babka began life as a lockdown delivery service but has since evolved also into a travelling micro-bakery, popping up around Hastings & St Leonards and a wholesale bakery (you can find babka at Trinity Wholefoods and Tough Love St Leonards). I still love being able to deliver freshly made bakes straight to your door (and offer collection too), so do get in contact if you'd like a delivery or to arrange a bespoke order. Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you don't miss out!


For the uninitiated, babka (baked as a twisty loaf or buns) is a bread-like cake hailing from Poland and the Jewish communities of Eastern-Europe. It was brought over to America by immigrants in the 19th century where it became a staple of many Jewish bakeries and continues to be today. 

Traditionally, babka fillings were cinnamon or dried fruit. Chocolate (now considered a staple filling) was thought to be a mid-century addition, after Eastern-European Jews arrived in New York and could more easily purchase chocolate.

At Small Batch Babka, I like to go beyond the traditional to incorporate a range of fillings in my babka inspired by my dual cultural heritages, and love of food from all over the world. See my current babka menu here for what's on this month!


Picture by Steve Painter Food Photographer

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